There are 6.5 million public high school students in the Philippines. According to statistics only 14% will graduate college with the hope of achieving their bigger dreams in the future. For many that do not have the same opportunity, hope for a better life seems to end there.

There is no limit to your greatness and to what you can achieve! This is the realization that the Born To Be A Hero™ Program aims to impart to the Filipino youth. Not going to college, being born into a low-income family, whatever the obstacle should not stop Filipinos from achieving success.

The Born To Be A Hero™ Program provides young Filipinos with the structure for acquiring life skills:

•to develop self-confidence;
•to make a life plan; and
•to communicate oneself clearly and intelligently.

It directly benefits teachers, formators and high school students. Through a series of seminars and workshops, teachers and formators shall be trained with the skills and resources necessary to develop their student’s self-awareness and motivate them to commit to their continuous personal growth. Students participating in the program are also linked to opportunities such as scholarships and employment.

With your donation, the Francis Magalona Foundation aims to bring the Born To Be A Hero™ Values Education and Character Development Program to over 300,000 Public High Schools in selected Metro Manila municipalities this 2012. The more money we raise the more public schools we can bring the Born To Be A Hero™ Program to. Ultimately, FMF hopes that Filipinos-public school teachers and students will be able to make DIRECTIVE and INTENTIONAL decisions for themselves and others with pride, personal integrity and a commitment to positive change.


Donate via BPI Bank Deposit or Fund Transfer

Francis Magalona Foundation, Inc.
BPI CA# 009583 – 0037 – 27
Swift Code: BOPIPHMM (for international bank deposit and fund transfer)

  • Email a scanned copy of the deposit slip and we will send you a soft copy of your receipt upon confirmation of your donation.

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For donations in kind please email  with the details of your donation. We are in need of the following:

  • school supplies (pencils, bond paper, manila paper, pentel pens, crayons, ball pen, folders, paper and plastic envelopes, clipboards, masking tape, staplers, staple wire, construction/colored paper, cartolina, scissors, glue/paste, etc.)
  • snacks & drinks and/or full meals
  • tarpaulin printers
  • off-set printers (for booklets etc.)
  • venues suitable for seminars, workshops, training etc. (Metro Manila or nearby areas)