Francis M. Clothing Co.

The Francis Magalona Foundation has partnered with the Francis M. Clothing Co. to develop and produce a new line of merchandise with the message Find Meaning in the Filipino. Filipinos are encouraged to be proud of their identity by wearing products that carry slogans and visual representation of Filipino values. The act of putting that shirt on serves as a reminder that we are in charge of our selves.

Proceeds from the sale of this merchandise are donated to FMF to fund its various personal development programs.

The Francis M. Clothing Co., or FMCC as it is fondly called by its loyal customers, all started as a dream. Composed of four young men, with varied specialties, this brand has flourished and continues to trail blaze a path few would dare to tread. Filipino musician and youth icon Francis Magalona, creative designer and graphic artist Carlo Maniquiz, businessmen Itoy Villajin and Willy Velasquez, have banded together to put a product that sought to “Filipinize” the whole world. Initially aiming its market to an impoverished Filipino youth hungry for an identity, the demographic of their market gas grown. Started as a challenge in 2005, the business officially started in 2006, and at present has created a social epidemic of gargantuan proportions.

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