Born to Be A Hero Talks

Each Filipino is Born To Be A Hero™ called to live out his/her Filipino pride, personal integrity and commitment to positive change.

The Born To Be A Hero™ Talk was designed from the best-selling and life transforming book of the same name by Coach Pia Nazareno-Acevedo, the country’s leading Life Transitions Coach. Heroism is defined in the broadest sense by Coach Pia. It is “any act that calls for you to step out of yourself whether consciously or unconsciously making yourself present to the moment for others – and for yourself.” (p. 16, Born To Be A Hero 2010). Through this talk participants begin the journey to find their inner greatness and capacity to be a hero for themselves and for others through small and big things!

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The Born To Be A Hero™ Talk is customizable for various groups, professions and economic standing.