Francis Magalona, His Legacy & Family

Francis Magalona (October 4, 1964 – March 6, 2009), in his life and works, promoted nationalism and pride among Filipinos.  Through his music and other artistic endeavors, FrancisM always believed that Filipinos could make an impact not only in their country, but in the international scene as well.

As a musician, he was the first Filipino rapper to cross over to the mainstream.  He was credited for experimenting on the merging of rap with rock music – becoming a significant influence to artists in the same genre.

More than that, FrancisM was the pioneer of Makabayan (nationalistic) rap in Filipino hip-hop.  He was known as one of the most socio-political voices in the music scene. He used his songs as a platform to address various cultural and social problems of Philippine society – apathy, political instability, defeatist outlook.

He believed that in order for the Filipinos to rise from poverty and other issues that concern the nation, they had to believe in themselves and have a change in mindset that hindered this transformation.

“For his musical and artistic brilliance, his deep faith in the Filipino and his sense of national pride that continue to inspire us,” Magalona was awarded the Presidential Medal of Merit (posthumous) through the National Commission for the Culture and the Arts.

In 2009, FrancisM passed on and there was an outpour of support and gratitude, validating his influence among the Filipinos.  It was his wish that even after his death, his legacy be carried out.

The Magalona Family – spouse Pia, sons Nic, Frank, Elmo and Arkin, daughters Unna, Maxene, Saab and Clara – together with FrancisM’s close friends have come together to continue FrancisM’s legacy. Together they have established the Francis Magalona Foundation in order to Find Meaning in the Filipino: a people with a true sense of Filipino pride, personal integrity and a commitment to positive change.