Born To Be A Hero

¬† malaki na po na tulong ng one start nung nasa school kayo that time Im facing different problems at school dahil ako ang president ngayong school year medyo napabayaan ko po ang academics at family nag focus ako sa leadership sa school and extra curricular . Thanks to one core na ni-remind ako about time management … ung mga circles I still remmember that … [:)] now may bagong sets of student leaders sa school I choose to rest first and give time to academics.- Audrey, Barangka National High School
  I learned a lot of things when coach pia and ms. pia magalona visited our school (NANGKA HIGH SCHOOL) .I was amazed when coach Pia said that every each of us was BORN TO BE A HERO , I thought that a hero is the man who sacrifices his life . but I was absolutely wrong .Thanks for the wonderful thoughts that you had shared . God bless :) )-Drea, Nangka Public High School




Confessions of a True Blue Fan

People who had the opportunity to know FrancisM personally, greatly appreciated his encouragement and support in their endeavors. As his son Frank once shared with the FMF Team, his dad always told him to follow his dreams and to do so responsibly. FMF Facebook Fan Jella Hahn shared this article with us.

Pinoy Hiphop would never become as diverse as it is today without FrancisM. Back when we didn’t have anything we could claim as uniquely as ours, a Man From Manila came up with a nationalistic piece, Mga Kababayan as opposed to the foreign acts that had been dominantly ruling the Pinoy music scene during those years.

His debut album Yo! was the first commercially released rap album in the country. It was his aim to elevate local rap music from underground to mainstream. Hit after hit , Having released such hit records followed by then equally successful albums where he creatively succumed fresh rap-rock tracks. The Master Rapper then collaborated with Heber Bartolome, Mike Hanopol, the Eraserheads and Parokya ni Edgar making Pinoy Hiphop more concrete opening the door for a new breed of inspiring rappers nationwide. Despite  having different side projects, hosting gigs, shows and his responsibilities as a father to 8 children with Ms. Pia Magalona, he had still been consistent w/his craft and that is, I think what separated him from the others. Though he has passed, I will long remember Sir Francis as an exceptional artist who possessed such a distinctive style and deep appreciation for his artistry.

We’ve known him for his accomplishments throughout the years of his career yet, we failed to discover what else this great artist has to offer. I was lucky enough to figure out what it was, Sir Francis inspired me to further develop my skills in photography in a way nobody else did.