For Me, A Filipino Christmas is…

For me, a Filipino Christmas is a special get together of family members and relatives, with or without gift giving. – Hans Estoesta via Facebook

For me, a Filipino Christmas is family. – April Carantes via Facebook

For me, a Filipino Christmas is having putobumbong and bibingka on every dining table… :) - Linkinbizkit Cairo via Facebook
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Pia Magalona and the FMF Cause

Find Meaning in the Filipino: a people with a true sense of Filipino pride, personal integrity and a commitment to positive change. more »


Maxene talks about the Master Rapper

Most Filipinos know Papa, FrancisM, as the Master Rapper, the Man from Manila, the artist who inspired Filipinos with national pride through songs like Mga Kababayan, Kaleidoscope World and 3 Stars and A Sun. more »