Last Jan 21, the Francis Magalona Foundation in partnership with the OneCORE Success Center conducted a Born To Be A Hero Talk at the Ateneo Alumni Association’s (AAA) Speaker’s Bureau entitled Positivity: Motivating a New You. Over a hundred persons-Ateneo alumni, students and guests participated.

Coach Pia shared tips on how to improve and make the most out of 2012. She discussed the the 5 Aspects of Life which are key to maintaining balance. This was followed by a sharing of the stories behind FrancisM’s hit songs Mga Kababayan and Kaleidoscope World by Pia Magalona, FMF President.



March 15th, 2012 9:14 pm

-”Hi bb, I am sorry to hear about your aunt..i’ve been viewing your blog since last year but i only enmagad to comment until now..anyway, i can totally relate with what you are going grandma (my dad’s mom) was diagnosed with colon cancer a year ago..she only complained of her frequent back aches, so she decided to have a complete was then they found out that it was way more than back ache..she had stage4 colon cancer that spread to her liver and was so painful for us to get through it..they couldn’t do an operation because it has already metastasized to her different was too late for that..chemo won’t do any good too..she was diagnosed on february and she left us on june of the same year..but even if we knew that it was about to happen, we gave her whatever she wanted..our family and friends supported her..i know you and your family can get through this, and your aunt is lucky because they were able remove the affected part of her and nothing serious was strong strong for your aunt..:) oh,i’m sorry to bore you with my story..i just felt like sharing..:)”

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