Over 200 students, faculty and staff of Kalumpang National High School in Marikina City participated in the Born To Be A Hero Talk last February 17, 2012.

The Born To Be a Hero program empowers the youth to harness their inner greatness and realize their potential. It features Coach Pia of the OneCORE Success Center. She discusses the importance of becoming a better person in all aspects of your life. Skills and tools are given to both teachers and students to help them become more aware of who they are, create opportunities for themselves and take concrete actions towards the life they envision for themselves and their loved ones. The program utilizes the music of FrancisM-familiar and iconic to the youth-as a tool to convey the message of Filipino Pride, personal integrity and commitment to positive change.

Coach Auee discussing the Five Aspects of a Balanced Life

In the coming weeks, the Francis Magalona Foundation in partnership with the OneCORE Success Center and the Department of Education will be going to various public high schools in Marikina City.

For more information send us an email at getintouch@francismfoundation.com


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francis m.im your fans of yours i know ur ok now may god guide you where and know that god bless you to all what you done in earth or given us happiness to yours fans like csiums live us forever and our heart we always love…

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